The Conscious Family Team is a team of professionals in York Region who support, guide and aid those who want to do their best each day to love, cherish and respect their children, and who want to learn and grow from their roles.

Giving birth and raising a family consciously used to be a matter of instinct. We trusted our bodies and our feelings to do the right thing. We learned from our families, and our communities how to care for and raise our children, and we just knew it would be okay. We had the support of those close to us - the village helped us to raise our children. There was no internet, no 24 - hour medical centres or helplines, and no bookshelf stocked with 50 or so of the latest advice books from "the experts", usually celebrities. Mom was at home during the day to lend a hand with the washing, or your neighbour would pop by with a casserole when times were tough.

These days, we're lucky to know our neighbour's first name. And if we need advice, we're more likely to consult Google than our brother, sister or mother. The village is truly gone.

Here with the Conscious Family Team, we want to bring the good days back by being your village and helping your family and village grow.

We believe that in order to accomplish these tasks, parenting must be a conscious endeavour, meaning that we are willing to examine ourselves, our background, beliefs, motivations, behaviours, and how these aspects affect the way we parent. Let's find the positives in the way we were parented, recognize the lessons we learned and empower ourselves to trust our own intuition and emerge as the parents we want to be.

Decisions made prior to conception, during pregnancy and in baby's first year and beyond provide the foundation for the creation of a conscious family. By consulting with one or more of the Conscious Family Team members, you will be inspired to take initiative to choose the style of caring for yourself and your infant/child that resonates with you and you'll be connected to the tangible tools and resources to support you on your journey.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Web of Community

Spring has always been associated with birth or re-birth. Whether you are taking this journey for the first time or the 5th time, it is always a different journey, a different experience both physically, emotionally and spirtitually.

It is important at this time to surround yourself with empowering fearless practioners who trust birth and the woman's body. It's imperative that you build a community of friends and family to support you on your journey the way you need, the way you want, and the way you deserve.

At a recent community mother blessing I was in awe of the sense of community, of friendship, love and support and joy for those that had their children in their arms, and for those who were taking that step shortly. I was humbled as I listenedd to wishes that were heard in the circle without hesitation, and the blessings that were offered with affection to those soon to be mothers.

When we create blessing ways for each other, we women reach outside of ourselves and weave a web of community: a living breathing web of women who are blessing, teaching, and supporting one another and as a result, we help to give birth to each other's children.

As women we receive a great deal by coming together in this way. We can raise energy and strength, or provide comfort and support. We can help one another let go of the past, live fully in the present, and embrace the mystery of the future. We learn to honour each other as well as ourselves, and we tap into the vibrant energy of the collective feminine spirit. By connecting on this level, we gain the power to deepen our friendships, build our communities, feed our spirits, and perhaps even revitalize our culture.

Denise is the owner/operative of 4 The Love of the Family providing birth and postnatal support, breastfeeding support and transition to parenting care. She is also a volunteer Leader/mentor for La Leche League Canada

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